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About Us

Balafon Beach Resort has a unique and individual identity among Gambia’s leading hotels …

Established in 2016 the hotel was created with the vision of providing guests with a traditional African styled vacation with a contemporary modern twist.  

On entering this delightful hotel you will immediately sense its individual warm, friendly and laid back atmosphere. Surrounded by shimmering pools and tropical gardens the hotel sits in an exceptional location on the beach at Kololi.  

Balafon Beach Resort on the Gambia’s ‘Smiling Coast’ of West Africa is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing and well-deserved break.


State of the art pool tehnology

The pools at Balafon were designed with the environment in mind. The two large pools are heated using a modern solar system and an energy efficient heat pump has been installed to limit energy waste.  Fountains have been installed to add to the aesthetics of these two beautiful pools and at night LED coloured lights enhance their ambience. Around the edge of the main large pool is a sunbathing deck with specially designed in-pool sunbeds where you can relax and read a book and stay cool at the same time. The large plunge pool styled Jacuzzi  which can be found at the end of the mock lazy river uses the same modern energy efficient processes and can heat up to a maximum of 33 degrees if required.

The meaning of the word 'balafon' ...

A balafon is a wooden xylophone or percussion idiophone which plays melodic tunes.  It has between 16 and 27 keys and has been played in Africa since the 14th Century.  


It is thought to have originated in Mali, according to Manding history narrated through time by African historians and storytellers.

Private swim-up pools